How Does a Mortgage Broker Get Paid?

Week number 2 of “Ask a S.O.B”. This question didn’t come from a reader but is probably the question I most commonly get asked during the first conversation with a client. “How Does A Mortgage Broker Get Paid?” I think sometimes people are a little embarrassed or they feel it’s taboo to ask this ...

Fixed 5 Year Drop – 3.89%

Shortly after recording my Monday Market Minute… I received an e-mail from Merix Financial offering an exclusive group of Toronto mortgage brokers a deeply discounted fixed 5 year rate. 5 year fixed rate mortgage 3.89%! Call or e-mail me today so I can get you this excellent rate. Christopher Molder – Son Of A

Monday Mortgage Minute – Nov 30th 2009

My Monday Mortgage Minute for November the 30th. If you don’t see a rate that you are looking for or have a specific mortgage question email me here. 1 year fixed – 2.65% 3 year fixed – 3.50% 5 year fixed – 4.09% 3 year variable – Prime-.10% (2.15% effective rate) 5 year variable ...

Why Choose a 3 Year Variable Rate Mortgage Today?

This is the inaugural post for a new section I want to run on my blog called “ASK A SOB”. Be sure to submit your questions and queries… I’ll respond once a week. Mike B in Unionville writes- “Dear SOB, in your ‘Monday Market Minute’ posted on November 16th you add your opinion that

Get Smart About Money

Not sure what the difference between a mutual fund and a exchange traded fund (ETF) are? The Investor Education Fund has developed an excellent new website which develops and promotes financial literacy which is especially directed for young people.  Even though I grew up surrounded by money concepts, I really feel like there ...