Private Home Equity Mortgage Lender Vs. Institutional Mortgage Lender

In this post I discuss the differences between a private home equity mortgage lender and bank or institutional mortgage lender. How each approaches the qualification of mortgage borrowers. If you think you need a private home equity mortgage loan then this is a good place to start educating yourself.

Four Advantages to Using a Mortgage Broker

When I’m talking to a new client one of the first questions that always seems to come up is  “why would I use a mortgage broker?”. It then occurred to me that most people don’t know what a broker does for a borrower and there are some misconception hovering around. I decided that I

4 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Mortgage

I deal with many first time buyers. I find that most newbies think the best mortgage is as easy as finding the lowest interest rate. But it’s not that simple. Here are 3 of the “need to knows” when getting your first

Focus on Amortization

So you want to pay the least interest as possible on your mortgage? I don’t blame you. When banks announce their quarterly profit reports in the billions of dollars it’s enough to make your blood