Focus on Amortization

So you want to pay the least interest as possible on your mortgage? I don’t blame you. When banks announce their quarterly profit reports in the billions of dollars it’s enough to make your blood

My Evening at Caamp's Mortgage Hall of Fame Awards Night 2013

For years I've opted to neglect my professional accreditation. However after my experience at this year's Hall of Fame Dinner I am inspired to change my mind. Check out my post to learn why I've had a change of heart and will include AMP Accredited Mortgage Professional after my name.

Getting Mortgage Financing for Small Condo Units

Small is the new big when it comes to up and coming condo developments in the city of Toronto. In an effort to maximize density and keep real estate affordable for an ever more expensive market, builders are designing smaller and smaller

First Time Home Buyers, Quoted in the Toronto Star

I was recently contacted by The Toronto Star business reporter  Susan Pigg to provide some insight into what I am observing in the Toronto condo market. The most current numbers released by TREB indicate that Toronto real estate sales volume was up 21% and along with prices up 5.5% summer