Good Bye 2011, Hello 2012

December 31, 2011

There’s seldom an occasion during which we can sit back and contemplate time gone by and time to come. Thank goodness we mark each calendar year with a definite beginning and end. This gives us a formal opportunity to reflect, reset and plan ahead.
2011 was another fantastic year at our brokerage Tridac Corporation Ltd – The Mortgage Centre. It was also another year of learning and evolving. After 34 years in business, there’s still so much to work on and improve. When my dad started our brokerage there wasn’t a computer in sight, whiteout was always in stock and the typewriter was a modern piece of equipment. This past year, technology was again at the forefront of our growth as we evolved our brokerage into a fully social business.  With the help of my brother Mark we took another serious look at social media. Actions included revamping our website, again, adding a Son Of A Broker – Facebook page (please become a fan we only have 28 likes – Mark thinks that’s pretty weak), joining the conversation on Twitter, and learned that Linkdin really isn’t that social. I’m not too sure why we are on Google+ but I figure it’s good karma or something like that (I know you’re reading this Google). We have a Google Places page and even have legit reviews about our business! I also redesigned this very blog in mid 2011 as the previous version was so 2010.
Our clients will be happy to know that in late 2011 we integrated new customer relations software which will improve your experience with us. Features include an annual phone call from yours truly and enhanced communication to notify you of any changes that would affect your mortgage.  We’re also in the process of setting up an online debt management system designed as an easy to use budget tracker. This system will not only help you determine where your money is being spent but more importantly assist you to get out of debt and pay down your mortgage as quickly as possible.
To our new and old clients who have made 2011 a great year thank you for your business and support. My dad and I truly appreciate the opportunity to help you with your mortgage financing. At risk of making this sound like a post scribbled in a year book I’d also like to use this opportunity to shout out to a few colleagues, partners, and friends who have made this year fun and taught me a lot: Mark Savel,; Kerri-Lynn, Brennan & Alyssa; Kevin Tuttle,; Joy Paterson,; The Bhandari brothers,; Matt & Cliff,; Geoff Charkow, MerixFinancial; Tony Olivera, Remax; and Brian Persaud,
Best wishes for continued success in 2012.
Christopher Molder – Son Of A Broker


Christopher Molder

Mortgage Broker

Christopher is a mortgage broker based in Toronto, Canada. And a son of a broker too. He’s a second generation mortgage broker. Following in his father’s steps he joined the family mortgage business straight out of university.