Category: Sufficiency

October 6, 2012

Sufficiency Friday: What You Appreciate Appreciates

The Thanksgiving long weekend is upon us. Beyond the celebration of the harvest and all its attendant trimmings and promises of tryptophan-induced comas,  take a moment to consider the things that ...

September 28, 2012

Sufficiency Friday: Why Isn't It Cool to Save?

Why isn’t it cool to save? I asked myself this question again recently when I flicked on the radio. Two cultural indicators reached me by sound-wave which got me thinking (and should probably ...

June 8, 2012

Sufficiency Friday: Are You a Farmer?

Saving is a necessity for growth and stability.  A necessity that we seem to have forgotten over the past generation as we have been influenced largely by a consumer society. Are you a ...

March 30, 2012

38 Highlights from 2012's Federal Budget

The 2012 Federal Budget announced yesterday evening seems very appropriate for the times. As of late we are constantly being reminded to live within our means by the government and I think the 2012 ...

November 27, 2011

If Greece Came to Me for a Mortgage…

For more than 20 years our office has been located on the Danforth, an area of the city best known for it’s Greek cuisine and culture.  Although the Greek influence in the neighbourhood has ...

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